Sheena Tanner
I got the b12 shot and definitely felt a difference in my energy levels. I will absolutely be going back. Loved the setup and the owners are great. I felt 100% comfortable with the whole process!
Dawn Pessa
Elevate Hydration has helped me so so much with energy and getting rid of my migraines. They came out to my house so that way I didn’t have to sit and wait in a hospital waiting room with other sick people. Very professional and on time. Will continue using them.
Nicole Gayfield
I can’t say enough about the care and professionalism me and my mother received this past week. I received a text the following day to see how we were feeling and all procedures were explained. And, they are based locally, so no more traveling to Austin and they will come to you if needed, no additional charge. Customer service at its finest.
Ashley Price
The owners are AMAZING, super knowledgeable, and friendly. I got the b12 shot and I’m feeling GREAT already. Boost of ENERGY, less FATIGUE, and improvement of BRAIN FOG for me. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company.
Dawn P.
Excellent customer service. Always smiling, answers all my questions up front before beginning any injections and will also tell me if I am right for injections or IV meds. The B-12 is amazing, I have so much energy. I highly recommend Elevate Hydration
Jess Edwards Gann
Super easy and convenient process! Definitely a game changer, I got to snuggle up on my couch with a blanket while they worked. I will definitely be using them again!!!